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Digital Banking Pioneer Launches, Bridging the Risk Management Gap in Digital Assets

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Saurav Bhatia, with extensive experience in digital banking and blockchain technology, has launched his latest venture: Departing from a Managing Director role at a top-tier financial institution, Bhatia aims to tackle a glaring challenge in the growing digital asset landscape which is the lack of sophisticated risk management.

Saurav Bhatia - CEO & Founder
Saurav Bhatia - CEO & Founder is disrupting risk management for digital assets by providing stakeholders — from legacy financial institutions to emerging web3 entities — the insights and tools to make informed decisions. Recognizing blockchain's potential akin to the early internet's disruptive capability, Bhatia wants to address the pressing need for in-depth risk capabilities within the digital assets domain.

2022 witnessed its share of high-profile crypto failures like FTX, Blockfi, Terra Luna, & 3AC and the industry still grapples with fraudulent activities. The recent JPEX Exchange collapse in Hong Kong underscores this persistent challenge.

“The present ecosystem lacks holistic risk evaluations. Emerging terminologies and processes further challenge traditional players trying to navigate this new realm,” says Saurav Bhatia, founder of

With two decades of prominent roles in banking, including CXO roles at Mox Bank in Hong Kong and Trust Bank in Singapore; and more recently the Global Head of Digital Assets at Standard Chartered, Bhatia is well equipped to bridge this gap.’s offering is a paradigm shift by delivering institutional-grade capabilities. Leveraging machine learning, and large language models, the platform aims to enhance transparency, cultivate understanding, and assist financial bodies in building robust and compliant risk frameworks.

While the complete operational details of are currently undisclosed, Mr. Bhatia and his team are dedicated to advancing the Digital Assets industry towards enhanced professionalism and security.

Media inquiries and requests for further insights can be directed to

About is an enterprise risk management platform dedicated to the evolving digital asset ecosystem. With its mission rooted in demystifying digital asset risks, it offers a blend of traditional financial scrutiny and state-of-the-art technological solutions to redefine the industry's risk parameters.


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